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With great search engine ranking we making website a sales tool, delivering traffic using methods like SEO, PPC and SMM to make it a powerful part of your company.

We provide user numerous opportunities to become a client through a simple click.

Keyword Analysis

Finding various possibilities

Any and every project starts with in depth & thorough analysis of what needs to be promoted and understanding your target audience.

Strategic Approach

having an impact

Based on analysis report, a plan is drawn with several strategies to make a ever lasting impact.


Our approach to SEO is very simple from what you may have hear off. We focus on understanding Google's guidelines. The methods we use work long term, meaning you don't have to hide under the sofa the next time Google deploy their scary big updates. Content has always been king and it's time you budget for it for your website.


Mostly our digital strategies will be strategized by using PPC and SEO together as we speak from our experience, two listings is better than one as it increases the chances of the clicks and help conversions at low cost. Google trust its results, appearing in the search and paid space offers trust to the potential consumer. Our marketing stretch from large scale campaign management with Google Adwords and Bing ads, to smaller more focused facebook advertising and brand managed campaigns.


Turtlenode specializes in creating & managing marketing campaigns through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Social Media provides you ample opportunity to listen and engage with your customers through various prominent social media channels. Companies that want to succeed today need to use social media smartly to reach their potential customers and the 'influencers' that these customers turn to. Given the speed at which new media and channels are mushrooming and proliferating , companies need to figure out their strategy for engaging clients across multiple media.